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Guardian by Blood

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Guardian by Blood
Book One of the Dawn Hunters Series
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Cover blurb:

What are your terms of surrender?

As a lieutenant to a ruthless vampire prince, Eva is used to difficult jobs. This mission seems pretty straightforward: enter a conquered territory, relocate the survivors and destroy their base of operations. But what she discovers when she arrives in the remote Northwoods Territory challenges all her expectations. Instead of nest of rogues, she finds a unique race of vampires who live out of time and by their own rules. She never counted on feeling sympathy for their cause--or a forbidden attraction to their reluctant leader, Wat. Can she save Wat and his people without betraying her oath to her prince?

Wat is prepared to die rather than submit to relocation. He doesn't trust Eva-she's the epitome of everything he distrusts about city vamps, and she seems hand-picked to tempt him. Somehow he has to keep her close, charm her and convince her to change the terms of the treaty--all without surrendering to temptation, or worse, revealing the secrets of his people.

Crafting an uneasy alliance, Eva and Wat try to find a solution to an impossible problem, contending all the while with princes and gods, ghosts and politics, and most difficult of all, the call of their own unruly hearts…

Author's note: Guardian by Blood is a spin-off from the Faustin Brothers trilogy. It can be read as a sequel of sorts to Damned by Blood, or as a stand alone book. I wrote it because I received so many kind requests for "More Faustin brothers!" but I was fresh out of unmarried Faustins. So I started thinking about those strange Minnesotan vampires in Damned by Blood who caused so much trouble for Alya and Mikhail. What was their deal, anyway? This lead me to very unexpected places, and to a wonderful new hero and heroine. Eva and Wat are perhaps my favorites so far, though it is hard to choose. I hope you will enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

damned by blood

Damned by Blood
Book Three of the Faustin Brothers Trilogy
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ISBN: 978-1-60504-757-7-4

Length: Novella, approximately 147 pages

Caution: Contents Hot. Also, be aware this book features violence between the hero and heroine: they are physical equals and deadly adversaries.


Cover blurb:

Mikhail Faustin is the prince of New York. His authority is absolute, his power unquestioned--and his heart is empty. The pain he carries inside leaves him with nothing to offer a mate. When he discovers that Alya Adad is not only his destined bride but also the source of his misery, his fate is sealed. He must claim the woman he despises most. Or die trying.

Alya Adad is the most powerful of her kind born in generations and a prince in her own right. She's accountable to no man, certainly not to her first lover, Mikhail. Now he has the gall to not only invade her territory, but threaten to take her by force--for a prophecy she doesn't believe in? She'll kill him first.

Their battle for the upper hand is no-holds-barred...until she discovers the one thing his pride didn't want her to know. That she still holds the key to his heart--and his innermost desires. And when a rival vampire clan strikes, letting her guard down is the only way to save him.

Author's note: Icy Mikhail, the eldest Faustin brother, appears in his brothers' stories, so I knew him pretty well when I began to write this book. I knew he carried secret hurts and had closed down his heart. I also knew that he deserved a woman as formidable as himself. That meant that unlike his brothers, he'd be paired with another vampire. But what happens when an alpha male meets an alpha female? Let's just say their path to happiness turned out to be so twisted and bloody that I didn't even know from one moment to the next if they were going to survive their courtship.


Dear Author: Grade: A- "...the book takes you by the throat and doesn't let go...I found it fresh and fabulous."

Romance Junkies Rating: 4.5: "Evie Byrne's third release in THE FAUSTIN BROTHERS series and is the most intense yet. When you take a mixture of mafia and barbarian characteristics, paired with hot unadulterated chemistry, there is never a dull moment. Ms. Byrne has created a world all about power and control with tensions running deep."

Pearl's Reviews: 4 Stars: "Even though BOUND BY BLOOD (Gregor) is still my favorite of the three, DAMNED BY BLOOD has definitely made a big impression on me too. I was enthralled and fascinated by this book's intensity and raw, violent feel. It really isn't for the faint of heart. If you're expecting a sweet and witty vampire romance, skip this book."

Fallen Angels Reviews Rating: 5 Angels "Damned by Blood is everything I was looking for in Mikhail's Story. There is passion, violence, and even some bondage. Mikhail turns out to be a terrific hero, and even though he may not always be in charge where Alya is concerned, there is no mistaking him for anything other than a dominant man who knows how to take what he wants. The two of them together is explosive, in more ways than one."

bound by blood cover

Bound by Blood
Book Two of the Faustin Brothers Trilogy
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ISBN: 978-1-60504-518-4

Length: Novella, approximately 127 pages

Caution: Contents Hot. Also, this book, while released as the second book in the series falls chronologically before Called by Blood. For more on this, click here.


Cover blurb:

The damned will be sucking snow cones in hell before Gregor Faustin succumbs to love and marriage. Or so he thinks. Until he ploughs his BMW straight into destiny. Madelena, with her smart mouth and her luscious ass, her old-man wardrobe and pointed questions, affects him like no woman he's ever met. Gregor can't decide if he'd rather throttle her, suck every sweet drop of blood from her body, or lock her in a room and make love to her until they both die of exhaustion.

Maddy begs the man who ran her over to keep her out of the hospital. In answer, he heals her with a kiss that leaves her haunted by erotic, soul-stealing dreams. But she's got too many problems to risk what's left of her heart on any man.

Gregor would like nothing better than to pull his usual disappearing act, but he finds himself entangled with Maddy in a way that goes beyond obsession. By tasting a few precious drops of her blood, he's bound his life to hers. Now both their days are numbered.

Author's note: This is the funniest story of the three, and perhaps not coincidently, Maddy and Gregor are my favorite couple in this series. Their chemistry leapt off the page from their first lines--all I had to to do was take dictation.


Paranormal Romance: "This tale was just fun to read. The pace is fast and the love scenes are wildly entertaining. "

Romance Junkies: "The love/hate relationship between Gregor and Maddy and the chemistry they share are present from the start. Evie Bryne's erotic vampire tales are not to be missed."

Dear Author: "The best part of the story is Maddy and Gregor. Maddy is smart mouthed and Gregor is the reluctant pursuer turned passionate lover."

Pearl's World of Books: "This for me was truly a perfect read; containing all the elements I love in my romance reads. It was intense, fast-paced, witty, endearing, high on family dynamics and arousing."

The Long and Short Romance Reviews: Rating, 4.5 " I can't wait to read more in this series. It's something I think every paranormal fan will absolutely love. And if you haven't read an Evie Byrne novel...shame on you."


Called by Blood
Book One of the Faustin Brothers Trilogy
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ISBN: 978-1-60504-244-2

Length: Novella, approximately 125 pages

Caution: Contents Hot



Cover blurb:

Alexander Faustin has always wanted to be human. Even though he comes
from a family of powerful vampires, he's fascinated with the daylight world. Maybe that's why destiny gave him a human mate.

It's not like Helena to make out with a stranger on her front porch, much less invite him into her bed. Somehow Alex makes her feel safe, even while he's dismantling her defenses. But in the wake of a terrifying accident, her faith in him is shattered.

Alex must regain Helena's trust and persuade her it's possible to love a monster. To do this, Alex must first learn to embrace his true nature. Unfortunately, he has to make this voyage of self-discovery while dodging the sheriff's department, the Rocky Mountain sunshine, and one very pissed off elk. But there's no turning back, because if Alex can't convince Helena to love him, he'll never love again.

Author's note: I resisted writing this story because the world is full of vampire stories, many quite good, and I didn't know why I should wade into those waters. But I I could not shake persistent visions of this very down to earth vampire named Alex talking to his eccentric mother (yes, mother!), who was inexplicably Russian. So I succumbed to writing this story, and along the way caught glimpses of his very intriguing big brothers. Thus the Faustin Bros. series was born.

This story reminds me of Cracker Jacks. Only Cracker Jacks the way you wish they were, or remember them to be. Nuggets of substance mixed with air. Compulsively consumable. The box empty too soon.

Awards and reviews:

Fallen Angel Reviews: 5 Angels, Recommended Read. "There is nothing about this book that I didn't love. Called by Blood shook me out of a reading slump and once I started it I could not stop. "

Mrs. Giggles: Rating 87 "...if you enjoy humorous yet sexy tongue-in-cheek romantic urban fantasy stories by authors like Stacia Kane and Shelley Laurenston, I have a hunch that you may like this one too."

Paranormal Romance: "A new and refreshing twist on vampires...If you enjoy erotic vampire romance, then I highly recommend Called by Blood to you."

Winner, best paranormal erotic romance, Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight Contest

If you like straight historicals, check out my Venetian romp:

Dante's Inferno
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ISBN: 1-60504-187-4

Length: Novella, approximately 117 pages

Caution: Contents Hot



Cover blurb:

Venice, 1750. Serena thought masks would keep her safe, instead they bring her into the bed of the one man most likely to ruin her. Dante thought he'd found the perfect mistress, but instead he's fallen in love with a consummate liar. They play out their games in the midst of the sensual, heady swirl of Carnival, never thinking that to earn perfect happiness, they each might have to give up what they covet most.

Author's note: One of the first people to read Dante's Inferno said she was surprised by its inherent sweetness. Since then, I've come to realize that is what I like best about it. This story is also funnier than you might expect, and that is entirely due to Dante himself, who still makes me smile and shake my head whenever I think about him.

Awards and reviews:

2nd Place historical erotic romance in Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight contest

Mrs. Giggles: Rating 84, "It is always a pleasure to discover an author who could potentially be great one day, so this naughty historical romance set in 18th-century Venice has been most enjoyable indeed."

Book Utopia: "[Dante's Inferno] was a delight to read, escapist and fun. Racing to the end to see a couple's happy ending... a couple where I was equally invested in both the characters hasn't been this beguiling in a long time."

Also honored as one of Book Utopia'sTop 5 Novellas of 2008!

Coffee Time Romance: Rating: 5 Cups, "Serena and Dante are a great couple and watching their love affair grow is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon....While not always explicit, the book is definitely erotic, and I found the sex scenes thrilling--the gondola scene is to die for. I whole heartedly recommend this book and will add Ms. Byrne to my "auto-buy" list."